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is back

I’m back from Vegas with a lovely cold that’s currently kicking my ass six ways to Sunday which means birthday plans have been stalled for this weekend. I’ll have pictures and a full report of the debauchery and fun times up sometime in the next few days, but until then *waves* hi!

Re: Welcome Back!
I did and thanks! It was very windy and stayed in the high 70s/low 80s the entire time which was a change from the usual for me.
*tackles and smoochies despite cold* We could be miserable together. ;)

Can't wait to hear about the fun and debauchery. :D And yay for pictures!!

*hugs again*
Oooh ---- "debauchery"!!!

*rubs hands together in anticipation*


Kaye xxx
I was relatively good while out there. I’m not sure if that means I’m growing up, finally, or getting boring. ;)