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My camera is being a bitch and won’t connect with my computer at the moment. *growls* Which means the Vegas update will be a little longer still since you need pictures to go along with the stories… or at least I think you do. ;) Though I did wake up this morning feeling better then I have in days so I thought I’d celebrate my recent return to health with another drabble challenge since the last one had such a nice turn out.  

Same as before: If you write me a drabble (100 or 200 words; no more, no less) using this verse of a song as a jumping off point with a pairing your choosing as long as it isn’t incest (IE no Sam/Dean or John Connor/Derek Reese) I will let you challenge me to write you a drabble, using this verse for inspiration, for a pairing of your choosing from the fandoms I write in. Please post your drabble responses and prompts as a comment to this thread and I shall respond in kind.

“See I thought love was black and white. That it was wrong or it was right.”

Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins

Title: No Longer Black and White (Gibbs/Tony; 200 Words)
He didn't get love. Not in theory or in practice. The ones who were supposed to love him unconditionally were too lost in a bottle to show it; if it was even there to begin with. It was the starting point for a problem he couldn't find a solution to. Every girl he met, he went through the motions. He would say the words to them, but not understand. When they would break things off, he felt no different. One minute there was 'love' and the next there wasn't. It was black and white. There were no emotions to feel.

Then he stopped running from the lack of emotions. He wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but it wasn't wrong either. One minute he went from never understanding and then a pair of blue eyes challenged him. He always thought the realization of what love was would be gradual, but it wasn't. One chance meeting in Baltimore led him to a place that was no longer black and white; it was everything in between. There was anger, humor, sadness, hopelessness and most of all companionship. He had finally learned what love meant and he didn't run.

You left a drabble challenge out there and I couldn't resist! Curses!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better and look forward to the tales and pictures of Vegas.

Now for your prompt:

Can you do mini!Jack with a person of your choosing (crossover or non-crossover)?
Title: Too Old for This (mini!Jack/Buffy) 200 words
Indie rock blasted from the speakers to either side of Jonathan and he pushed himself deeper into the cushions of the couch set dead-center in the nightclub Buffy had dragged him too. His chin dipped, a hand rising to scratch at his eyebrow with his thumb as he squinted at the stage and the band currently shimming their too thin bodies and banging their overly haired heads. He coughed, letting his hand fall to his lap and glanced down, resisting the urge to shake his head and took a moment to wonder what in the hell he was doing.

A small, overtly warm form settled at his side and the line between his brows smoothed as he turned, lifted his head to see Buffy offering him a sheepish smile. She tilted her head back so that their gazes met and leaned into him, her breath tickling his throat as she spoke loud enough to be heard over the music, but quiet enough that it still felt like she was sharing a secret. “You’re having a horrible time.”

“Not every moment.” He reached out, caught her hand and dragged it into his lap before clarifying, “This ones turning out pretty good.”
Re: Title: Too Old for This (mini!Jack/Buffy) 200 words

Mini!Jack stuck in a club and not enjoying it until the reason he's there gives him some attention.


Re: Title: Too Old for This (mini!Jack/Buffy) 200 words
Isn't that what most boyfriends do? ;)
Sometimes, I think I might hate you. Cause you know i can't resist this, and the hubby has decided we're putting in the floor... tonight. *headdesk* So I may or may not be on tonight, depends on how much arguing we do over this. :D

And there will be at least one response to this... if not more.
*smiles innocently*

Good luck with the floor and I should be on for a little while if you make it on tonight. I have to be up semi-early tomorrow.
In my own defense I'd like to go on record that this? Totally isn't where I'd intended this drabble to go. It is, however, inspired by the verse and within drabble parameters so here you are:

For as long as he could remember, long before he'd learned the words that described his own - dysfunctional, abusive - Jesse and Willow had been his real family. Willow was their shy sister and Jesse... Jesse was the brother he'd never had and he'd loved him.

Seeing a demon wearing Jesse's face had been hell. Watching the body of his best friend crumble to dust? Had nearly broken him. But he'd survived.

Lived to see the looks pass between them, his Slayer and her Angel. Heated, lingering, longing. Lived to watch her moon over the vampire and swoon at his touch. He'd seen her reluctance to kill the monster, even after he'd killed Jenny. It made him sick.

His savior, his shining hero - the quippy blond with trendy shoes and killer instinct - was falling further and further from grace and he couldn't stand by while her love damned the world to hell.

Her love for the demon was wrong. If she couldn't see it, couldn't do the right thing, then it was up to him.

Rock heavy in his trembling hand, he says with a clear conscience, "Willow said kick his ass."

He'd survived, after all; she would, too.
Ooohhh! Now this is shiny and painful. *bounces*

So what pairing would you like in return sweets?
Ooooh. So many delicious options!

How about a Buffy/Michael Westen drabble? (I think you mentioned Burn Notice in a previous post...)
Title: An Asset (Buffy/Michael Westen) Word Count:200
Title :: An Asset
Pairing :: Buffy/Michael Westen
Word Count :: 200

Buffy Summers.

She’s what we, in the spy game, call an asset or a pain in the ass depending on her mood. I’ve learned fruity drinks and pretty compliments ease the way better then death threats and bodily harm. Of course where Buffy’s concerned the bodily harm wouldn’t be done to her, but to you—if you’re stupid enough to try something.

Unfortunately, Sam was stupid enough.

“You break him. You buy him.” I watch familiar green eyes narrow and shift from Sam’s pained face to mine and I offer her a tired smile as I step forward, hands held loose and empty at my sides. Her gaze flicks over me and the corner of her mouth curves inward as she eases back on her three inch heels and lets Sam up off the ground.


The use of an old cover ID tightens the skin around my eyes and my head cocks as I correct, “It’s Michael, actually.” I take another hesitant step forward. “Michael Westen.”

Her lashes dip, mouth following the downward movement and next thing I know, half my face is numb and I’m looking up at the sky.

Like I said, it depends on her mood.
Re: Title: An Asset (Buffy/Michael Westen) Word Count:200
Just... wow!

Michael's voice, Sam's stupidity, Buffy's burst of contained violence? Perfect.

Thank you!
Re: Title: An Asset (Buffy/Michael Westen) Word Count:200
*blushes* Yay! I'm glad you liked it. Michael's voice was fun, but I'm not entirely certain I could do a long fic from just his POV... though it would be a challenge.
Title :: Deadly Serious
Title :: Deadly Serious
Word Count ::100
Note :: Sequel to An Asset

Deadly Serious

It’s never a wise decision to have two assets together in the same place, especially your home. They might share intel or figure out each others arrangements. Or they just might have happened to have both slept with you and that always makes for an awkward time.

I’m not sure what made me more uneasy; the fact that Fi and Buffy were getting along so well or that they currently had enough explosives between them that they could takeover a small third world county’s regime.

With their backgrounds that’s not a fanciful concept. I’m deadly serious—or possibly just dead.

The End.

Re: Title :: Deadly Serious
Ooooh. What a lovely thing to have waiting for me after a week away from LJ. :: hugs ::

The image of Buffy and Fi cooking up explosives and just generally getting into trouble together is entirely too appealing. Poor Michael is entirely out-classed.

I'm hoping that "The End." just meant this installment but, whatever the case, I've thoroughly enjoyed the two installments you've written. Thank you!
Re: Title :: Deadly Serious
Hee! Weeks away are nice sometimes aren't they?

It is the end of the installment. I think my muse wants to attempt a ficlet of about 1000 words next but I'm still not sure if I could pull off Michael's voice for that long a period.

I'll probably attempt it. It never hurts to try I suppose.
Re: Title :: Deadly Serious
You should definitely attempt it - never argue with the muse! :: pets muse ::

Randomly: Your icon makes me want Evil Dead x-overs in a bad way. I've been stuck on a fight scene in mine for months so it is unlikely ever to see the light of day.