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Title :: Screaming Trouble

Title :: Screaming Trouble

Rating :: FR18

Pairing :: Buffy Summers/Hannibal King

Fandoms :: BtVS/Blade: Trinity

Disclaimer :: Blade: Trinity and all related characters are copyright David S. Goyer, New Line & Marvel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Note:: Written for sean_anam. (I think the drabble concept got away from me.)


Synopsis :: “You know, Summers, I never noticed how nice your tits were until this moment.”

Screaming Trouble


Water cascaded around her, sliding down her nude form and a pointed chin lifted, presenting her beaten and bloody face to the shower spray. She welcomed the cold shock of it as it sliced through the dried blood coating one side of her and the arms that had held another of her crew, in this new and harder universe, as they bled out. Buffy’s stomach tightened, rolled as she watched rust colored water make pink trails across her abdomen and down her thighs to circle her calves before slipping down the drain.


Her hair tumbled forward, thick with water and darker bits as she let the shower beat at her body. She blinked, damp lashes sticking together and then frowned when she noticed a pair of army boots just outside the ring of falling water. The scuffed toes moved forward an inch before she lifted her head and looked into a pair of understanding brown eyes that made her feel worse.


A slow smirk curved the right side of his mouth inward and Buffy’s eyes narrowed, bracing herself for the idiocy filled comment about to follow that smile. “You know, Summers, I never noticed how nice your tits were until this moment.” His head cocked, voice turning conversational as he continued, “A little on the small side, but still more then adequate.” 


She stepped forward, out of the shower’s spray and Hannibal’s brow rose when she moved to take the spot directly in front of him. Close enough so that the water dripping from her chin dropped on those scuffed toes before she tilted her head back and asked, “You do realize this is the last thing you’re ever going to see, right?”


His adam’s apple bobbed before his smile turned cheeky. “Or it could be the first thing I see every morning.” She snorted, eyes rolling before her arms rose to cross beneath her breasts and Hannibal’s gaze dipped before shooting back up to hers. “Abby wanted me to check on you.”


“While I was taking a shower?”


“While. After. I’m not seeing the big difference.”


Her jaw thrust forward a moment and she resisted the urge to break his as she growled, “Except for the whole my being naked part.”


“There is that.” His head cocked and he lifted his gloved hands in a peaceful motion, palms up and level at his sides. “I could get naked too. Just a thought.”


“Okay.” Buffy nodded her agreement and turned to hide her smile from his ever widening gaze.


She slipped back under the water’s spray to continue to wash another’s blood from her body and that slow smile of triumph at shocking Hannibal quickly faded as she scrubbed at the flaky streaks of red still coating her lower back. It wasn’t long before callused hands pressed against her water slick skin, helping her pick at the dried blood and she turned, found Hannibal standing directly behind her.


She kept her gaze on his rather impressive chest, didn’t let herself look down as she asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”


“Following orders.”


Buffy blinked and then blushed as her gaze dipped. She ignored the warmth building behind her face and kept her voice even as she prompted, “So we’re even?”


His brows quirked upward as his chin dipped into a nod. “I would say so.”


“Good. Now get out.”


“You don’t want me to get those hard to reach places for you?” The blush burned brighter, slipping down her throat to color her chest a rosy hue as Buffy shook her head and the callused hands rubbing at the blood on her arms lifted to cup her face. She looked up at Hannibal though damp lashes and watched his gaze stay trained on her face as he added, almost as an afterthought, “You just scream trouble, don’t you?”


Her eyes widened and she tensed, lifted a hand to the center of his chest and prepared to shove his naked ass away from her when he added, voice nearly as lost as she felt. “God, I love that in a woman.”


His head dipped, brown eyes falling closed and suddenly his warm mouth was pressed to her wet one and she was dragged forward. The hand resting on his chest snaked upward, fingers curving around his strong neck as she rose on tip toe and opened her mouth. His sharp tongue swept inward, drew her inward and focused her on him instead of the world where she’d lost someone, an important someone. The hand cupping his neck inched upward, threaded her fingers through his damp hair and pulled, drew his head back and their kiss broke, leaving them both panting.


She blinked up at him, felt the evidence of his desire pressed hard and tight against her stomach and swallowed the need, the urge to fall to her knees and taste Hannibal in places other then his mouth. A pink tongue eased out, traced her teeth and then her abraded mouth as her hand left the hair of his scalp to absently comb through his beard.


“We’re not having sex.”


He swallowed, chin dipping and voice soft. “Are you sure?”


Another snort, shook her shoulders and breasts and Hannibal’s hands inched from around her back to palm her sides before his head lifted and he met her gaze. Buffy’s brow arched as she smiled up at him. “I need at least one date between us before sex.”


The skin around his eyes tightened as they narrowed. “Only one?”


“Maybe two.”


His hands slipped around her back again and tugged Buffy forward, captured her mouth and quieted her protests for the next few minutes before he let go and she simply stared up at him, stunned. He grinned and grabbed the soap, lathering his hands before he stated, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up enough to catch a movie.”


She watched him dumbly for a moment before prompting, “Movie?”


“Yeah, we can sit in the back and pretend to watch. We’ll neck like school kids.” He started with her stomach and spread his hands wide, scattering the thin layer of bubbles as he worked. Buffy watched his hands, still confused by the change in topic as he stepped closer and asked, “You don’t have teeth in your vagina, right? I mean I’ve dealt with that before and really don’t want to go through it again.”


Her head jerked back and she lifted her chin, mouth opening to deliver a scathing comeback when one of his lathered hands dipped between her thighs, slipped inside the folds of her sex. Buffy swallowed her abrupt words and let her head fall against his chest, whimpering when he drew his hand away and directed her towards the shower spray.


“No, no teeth there.”


She spun, ignored his knowing smirk and claimed his mouth. Between heated touches and panting breaths Buffy managed to mutter, “Screw the movie.”


Hannibal, never one to let someone else have the last word responded with, “No, screw me.”

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...I need to watch Blade: Trinity. Between this and finding out about Hannibal's tattoo, I don't know why I haven't seen it yet.

(It might have something to do with the fact that the first movie annoyed me.)
Blade: Trinity is the only movie out of the three that I actually own and enjoyed. Reynolds made the movie for me. Hee!
No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure all three movies were created to stand on their own. There isn't really a continuous storyline going through them. The only constant is the character Blade.
God Hannibal is so freaking hot.

You did a great job with your characters. Yummy, yummy, yummy.
Guh. :: fans ::

I'm so, so glad this one got away from you! You completely nailed the characterization and voices and Hannibal is every bit as hot as I'd hoped...

:: goes back to re-read ::

Re: Awesome.
*beams* Yay!

You're just nudging me at these first attempts into new crossovers and I adore you for it. *huggles* Glad you liked it sweetie!
Re: Awesome.
Definitely my pleasure - Anytime you want a nudge for a new, cracky crossover, just let me know. ;)