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Title: Urges

Title: Urges

Progress: 42/100

Fandom: Resident Evil/Buffy

Prompt: #01 Moon

Disclaimer: Resident Evil and all related characters are copyright Shinji Mikami, Sony Pictures Entertainment & Capcom. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.



Moonlight spilled through the window and flooded the room, bathing Rabbit in pale twilight as she sat nestled in a pool of warm cotton. Her head inclined, eyes narrowing as her bangs slipped forward to crowd her features and she pushed at them absently. Gaze still intent on the woods outside her bedroom window and the shadows that lurked between the trees.


The blanket of darkness remained unmoved, untouched by the moon and the minimal light the greatest thief of the sun had to offer. Her head bowed, pointed chin moving toward her sternum as she lightly palpated her side and inhaled. The deep breath expanded her chest and her brows dropped with the ease of the movement. Mouth thinning in trepidation as she realized her broken ribs had healed in a day’s time.


She swallowed, dropping her hands to fist in the sheets as she turned her gaze back toward the darkness outside her window. The shadows beneath and between those trees mocked her and she shoved the soft cotton aside and already had one foot against the carpet before she stiffened. Body tightening as she realized her intent was to go back into those woods and hunt whatever crossed her path—kill it dead.


A fine tremble swept over her moonlight drenched form and she remained motionless, gaze intent on the forest as she struggled to understand what in the hell was happening to her. Rabbit’s jaw tensed, emotions flicking across her features before she tossed the sheets from her bed and made her way toward the living room.


Making her way toward the couch she ignored the view of the woods and curled up in the oversized cushions. The television turned on with a flicker of light and sound and she blinked against the vibrancy of it before attempting to quell the urge to get herself killed with infomercials or possibly a cheesy science fiction movie.


The End.



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Hee! Glad you liked it and I have the next section written. I'm going to try and get another one written today also. *fingers crossed*