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Fic:It's All in the Aim

Title: It’s All in the Aim
Pairing: Nancy Drew/Frank Hardy
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and all related characters are copyright Edward Stratemeyer, Grosset and Dunlap & Simon and Schuster. No infringement intended.
Note: Written for coppersingerand special thanks for the beta help to kaylashay

It’s All in the Aim


A warm, callused palm settled over her mouth and blue eyes widened before they fell closed and Nancy slumped back against a firm chest. She suppressed the impulse to go rigid when the arm wrapped around her waist tightened and a chin nudged her head to the side. The mouth nestled against her ear parted, warm breath trickling over her cheek as the person holding her effortlessly whispered, “Nice try, Drew.”


Her eyes snapped open, body pulling taunt as she yanked down the hand covering her mouth and hissed, “Frank Hardy!”


The steady chuckle darkened her cheeks and she ignored the sudden onslaught of blushing, telling—see lying—to herself that it had nothing to do with Frank’s proximity and everything to do with him catching her off guard again. She turned, still held in the circle of Frank’s arm and glared up at his stubborn and strong chin as he gazed down at her, brown eyes filled with mirth.


The square toe of her heel connected solidly with his shin, his arm dropped from her waist and he hobbled back a step, muttering and gasping in the same breath. “Nance!”


“Don’t Nance me, Hardy! Next time I aim higher!” 

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Which is about all I'm able to do at 5:30 in the morning...
I was just thinking about those crossover novels the other day. I even went on to look for something smutty.

This works. Thank you. :)