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New BtVS Movie?

So apparently they want to possibly do another BtVS movie because of the success of the Star Trek movie. I’m not entirely certain Star Trek is the best analogy to use against BtVS since that franchise has lasted far longer and it’s fan-base does very much surpass Whedon’s but I’m not one to quibble.


I know a lot of fans are up in arms because it wouldn’t have Whedon’s stamp of approval, but can we all stop and actually look at what has Whedon’s stamp of approval lately? I mean the comics are absolutely horrible and Dollhouse makes me cringe just thinking about it.


I’m all for a remake if they actually completely split from the television show canon. According to the websites that have reported it they want to do a darker version of BtVS which was also Whedon’s dream once upon a time. According to interviews the original movie script wasn’t using the metaphor of high school is hell, Whedon came up with that later, and the original movie was meant to be a horror movie.


I am all for a darker version of BtVS, but if they go the campy comedy route again I’ll probably cringe like I do during Dollhouse. I am very worried it will turn into Twilight-lite and then I’d be even more upset.  *shudders* Though I’m pretty sure I’ll support this idea until it dies a slow painful death out in Hollywood or becomes a movie of one kind or another. I can’t wish it to fail just because Whedon isn’t the one behind the wheel, because then I’d have to wish all fanfiction to fail because well… that’s the same concept. ;)

I would all be for it if it was a horror movie. I think BTVS as a good horror movie would be wicked...but the company that is supposed to be making it made it the original campiness...which would be pointless in a remake
I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a horror remake, but I won't be holding my breath.
I've come to the conclusion that Whedon is a great idea man that surrounds himself with great people. This results in a lot of great stuff. But I wasn't too thrilled with the stuff he's done on his own like his recent comic stories in Runaways, Buffy and Astonishing X-Men. I've been coming across more things involving some of the other writers that he worked with like Jane Espensen and Tim Minear and have to wonder how much of the Whedon stuff I like is really due to others. So I'm prepared to give a Buffy reboot a fair shot but I don't think the odds are good.
I don't think the odds all that good either, but I honestly don't want to see any of the actors or Whedon working on the movie. I mean most of the actors have moved on and those immortal vampires don't look so immortal anymore.

Though I'd be okay with an Oz movie. There really should have been more Seth Green on the show. ;)
I am actually kind of looking forwards to it. Don't get me wrong. I loved the series(not the comics because season 8 is so not cool), but even the original script was a lot darker than the actual movie was. And while I loved Joss once upon a time, I can't help but feel that he pretty mich reached the point that he was kind of like "let's see what else we can do to mess with their minds" towards Buffy and Co. Much as I loved the man, I think it could be a good thing that they are revisioning it.

Of course, it could be complete and utter crap too. LOL

I still be willing to give it a chance though.
I'm all for giving it a chance and yeah, Whedon has kinda dipped toward oddness lately with his work in both television and comics. I think one of his issues with television is that he needs to hire outside his circle of actors.
I've got no real scope for the comics as I've only very briefly flicked through a copy or two - they're not so easily available where I am, although I'm sure if I bothered to try harder...

Dollhouse hasn't started here yet so I have no frame of reference whatsoever there - has Joss really hit a dud???

I'm not up in arms per say - just dubious, an dthe more I think about it, I would definitely rather see it succeed than to see Buffy go down in flames. A new movie would expose it to a new generation of fans and if it sucks then that's what they'll think it is... like that travesty 'Pride and Prejudice' with Keira Knightly!!! *shudders* I'm still not sure that anyone on that production team actually read the book... but I digress.

My largest concern is that there hasn't been enough time lapsed since the show ended - but I'm certainly open to an overhaul if someone awesome is recruited to man the helm. Let's face it - JJ Abrams made the new Trek work, so it's possible.

We should compile a list of possible alternate scenarios for this movie --- how do you start all over again? OOh - that might actually be intersting!!!
Dollhouse hasn't started here yet so I have no frame of reference whatsoever there - has Joss really hit a dud???

Yes, yes he has.

Also, I wasn't referring to you as the one up in arms. Several people on the communties I lurk around are all snippy and holding pitchforks because it's not Whedon approved. *shakes head* It's one thing to boycott when we know it sucks. It's another to just assume it will and then declare that they hope it sucks and fails at the box office. That kind of attitude is just silly in my eyes.

Edit: Good God my spelling was awful in that reply. Forgive me?

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*whistles innocently* I think I'm in a very small minority that actually liked the first movie. In fact, I kinda dismissed the show when it first came on cause it was different from the movie. *shrugs* Dunno, I was in high school and my friends and I loved the campy stuff back then. Even now, the movie still makes me giggle.

However, I don't really consider the movie and the show to actually be the same thing either. Two entirely different canons. They have some similarities, but that's about it.

But you know me, I'm all for darker, and Joss usually is too. His original vision for Firefly was darker and he said that Fox made him lighten it up to make it more acessible to their viewers, and to especially lighten up Mal's character. *shrugs*

I'm just not going to hold my breath since it'll take forever for this to get off the ground, even if it does. Then I'll make my judgement when I see the previews.

And *hugs* miss you!
*hugs back*

Exactly my point. I'm all for wait and see. Though truth be told even if the previews look a little off I'll probably still go see it to give it that chance.
The movie was very campy and silly, but if I hadn't watched, I might not have given the TV show a chance.

A new, darker movie? Bring it on!
I don't even know what to say about any of this. My fear is that JJ Abrams or Bryan Singer will do the script, or that they'll cast someone like Hayden Panettiere as Buffy.

Not that I have a problem with Hayden Panettiere, but she's not Buffy. That's all.
I don't think they'd use Hayden Panettiere because she's physically a too much like SMG. All small and blonde and pretty. Unless they do the Twilight-route and then I might throw something at the movie screen - several somethings.