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Big Bang Update

Okay so the first five chapters have been sent off to the beta, thanks azraelz_angel, and I’m hoping to begin posting next Monday. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting on LJ since a lot of the chapters are above the word limit of LJ posts and I’m really not that good with linkage and such so it’ll probably be limited to TtH and SPN twisted.

For those that can’t read TtH from work don’t worry, because neither can I, which means I won’t be posting these chapters till I’m off work. It will be updated every Monday, real life permitting, for the next fifteen weeks and yes, I’ve already started plotting the sequel. I’ve set this verse up to be able to span the rest of SPN no matter how many seasons it goes on. I blame Pol. *whistles innocently*
Whoa! How did I get blamed here? It's not like I kept pushing and encouraging the bunny for more. To see her actually face a certain someone. *blinks innocently*

And yay for postage!! I'm still waiting to hear back from Copper, not like I have time to do any posting as it is. *sigh*
Uh huh. I believe that innocent look. *quirks brow* You nudge me. Ask questions... wait. I do that to you too. Hee!

Postage is good. I can't wait to see if people hate it or not. ;) And yay for Copper. I'm sure you'll hear back soon-ish.