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Big Bang

So the fourth chapter of Oleander Wine is up and ready for public consumption at both TtH and SPN Twisted.


Another person is ‘hiding’ it, but I gained four people ‘tracking’ so I think that’s a win for me. I was a little bummed about the review count, but it’s picked up since chapter two so hopefully more people will jump on the bandwagon. Though I suppose if I wrote just to get reviews I stick with Stargate and Anita Blake ‘cause that seems to be were the most people like my work. *ponders* I do miss Stargate...

And stargate misses you too. Not that I'm not totally in love with your other fics, I'm just saying. ;)

and what's this hiding thing you speak of?
Does it? Aww! ;)

If you look on your statistics page it shows those tracking and those hiding your story. If someone doesn't want to see your story on the updates page then can 'hide' it.

I'm sorry you haven't been getting bunches of reviews.

I intend on reading and reviewing your story at some point in the near future. I'm waiting for the chapter count to go up some. I am not a very patient person :) and you said you had the whole thing already written and you were going to release it chapter by chapter!

I pledge 1 review per chapter!

Meh, I'm not as frustrated as I was.

And I have more then one person on my f-list waiting till I post more before reading. So no worries and no need to pledge a review per chapter! This story is going to be fifteen chapters long!

LOL I wouldn't ask that of anyone.

I'm definitely more of an SPN one-shot kind of gal given that it's a show I have no real desire to watch despite the pretty boys but I'm intrigued by what you've set up so far... still have to read the latest chapter though.

Also, while she's not my favourite, good for you for your Willow.
I like early seasons Willow. She still has a spot in my heart of hearts.

This story mostly takes place from a BtVS character's perspective which makes it very non-SPN fan friendly. If you need anything explained further just let me know!
I've been plugging you like crazy and those that's gotten their butt in gear and followed the plug (no naughty thoughts!) has come back with squees and happy words (check the poster update at chosen_art (@ LJ), you'll find some great comments about this fic there!)

I am one of the guilty people who hasn't reviewed but I squee every time I see a new chapter and I get annoyed when I've finished reading it because there isn't more and I have to wait another 7 days. People seem to be like me, sucking at the reviewing but still enjoying the fic(s). I've never been good at leaving a review even though I know the author would love one like I do when I get it. We all suck! ;)

Please don't leave this verse!!!! *clings*
*squishes* Thank you! You rock!

No worries about reviews. You made me shiny artwork! The hand poster is currently acting as my descktop theme. It makes me want to get started on the sequel like now-ish, but alas I have to finish a very, super belated birthday ficlet.

I won't leave this verse, but I do have several Stargate WIPs that do need to be finished eventually.