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Fic:Innuendos and Secrets

Title :: Innuendos and Secrets
Rating :: FR13
Series :: Shiny and New
Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and all related characters are copyright Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Showtime and the SciFi Network. No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Title:: Mojito Afternoon

Word Count :: 200


Her fingers dipped, tucking and pulling as she twisted Vala’s hair into French Braids and the other woman commented on the various men they worked with and their level of attractiveness. She had all of their pros and cons already measured in her head as she rattled off the various reasons none of them would be good enough for them.


Buffy tied off the last braid and looked up when the back door slammed, watched Daniel and Cam bring out their refills as Vala scrambled back to her feet and offered Buffy a hand up as Cam asked, “Done talking about us?”


Vala brow arched as she offered sweetly, “For now. Though I do think you should share your views on Buffy’s rear with someone other then Daniel.”


Cam sputtered, “What?” and stumbled, nearly spilling Buffy’s Mojito.


She reached out, righted her glass in his hand and watched a slight flush color his cheeks as he ducked his head and let Buffy take her drink. Vala’s brow arched higher as she clarified, “I overheard—”


“You were eavesdropping. There is a difference.” 


“I care?” Vala sidestepped Daniel’s interruption and continued to torment Cam as Buffy sipped her Mojito and smiled.


Title :: Innuendos and Secrets

Word Count :: 200


Vala waved from the passenger seat of Cam’s truck as he backed out of Buffy’s driveway and headed back toward base to drop off the wayward alien before heading home himself. Leaving Buffy and Daniel alone on her front porch and watching the sun sink beneath the horizon. She waited a beat before turning to him, offering Daniel a smile before prompting, “And what do you think of my ass?”


The linguist laughed and ducked his head, a hand rising to scratch at the back of it before he replied, “There’s really no right answer to that question because any answer would mean I’d noticed, possibly studied your… uh… attributes.”


Buffy’s smile stretched into a grin. “Attributes?”


His hand fell away from his head to cup the back of his neck before he directed his gaze forward and ignored the mischievous light in Buffy’s gaze. “I didn’t mean it that way.”


“Didn’t you?” He turned, noticed the slight tilt to her head took and watched one brow arch as she told him simply and rather bluntly, “I’d watch your six any day, Daniel.”


His mouth twisted into a knowing smirk. “So Vala did tell you what Mitchell said.”


“Oh yeah.”


Title:: Training Day

Word Count ::  200


Her hands connecting steadily with the pads protecting Riley filled the gym with a repetitive, but soothing sound. She lost herself in the movement, the calming jabs and shifts of her opponent and out of her peripheral vision she caught sight of two figures entering the gym.


She paused, long enough to grin at Daniel and Teal’c and the next thing Buffy knew she was on her back staring at the ceiling. Her eyes narrowed as they watched Riley lean over her with a rather smug expression. “Never take your eyes off your opponent.”


Her mouth opened and for a moment she was startled into silence before she answered, voice sugar sweet. “Uh huh, sure.”


Riley’s eyes widened and in the next instant Buffy’s leg was taking aim for his head. He caught her ankle and shoved off, backpedaling several feet as she used the momentum of his block to flip herself back onto her feet. She tossed her head, ponytail bobbing as she raised her fists and arched a brow.


He glanced toward Daniel and Teal’c with a resolved sigh and prepared himself to get his ass handed to him by a petite blonde in front of his coworkers.



Title :: First Choice

Word Count :: 200


His shoulders dropped in relief as his next step brought him from the Tok’ra summit back to the SGC. The metal grating clanged with his and SG-3’s reentry and his steps slowed, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he caught sight of his first choice to complete their team. 


Glossed lips spread wide in return of his smile as she raised a hand and sent him a slightly less than frantic wave from her spot between Riley and Dr. Jackson. His brows rose at the sight of the SGC’s resident linguist and the fact that he was sending his newest team member an amused look.


Graham accepted the farewells of Col. Reynolds’ team with a nod before stopping and looking down. “Buffy.”


Her chin dipped in an imitation of his, “Graham,” and then her smile stretched into a grin. “Miss me?”


His lips quirked, but he ignored her inquiry to greet his commanding officer and then turned, “Dr. Jackson.”


Buffy’s eyes widened and she mimicked. “Dr. Jackson.”


Daniel’s brows rose as he glanced down at her. “I am a doctor.”




Graham finally freed the smile that had been threatening to spillover—some things never changed.



Title:: She Started Listening When?

Word Count :: 200


The spoon disappeared into the small bowl of Jell-O, chasing after the last wiggling square as Buffy finally notice the lull in the conversation going on around her. Green eyes glanced up from the table to see Riley looking at her expectantly and Graham and Daniel sharing what seemed to be an amused look—at her expense—why was she not surprised?


Instead of asking what Riley wanted and pretending like she cared Buffy resumed her chasing of the last square. She managed to catch the little bit of deliciousness with her spoon against the side of bowl and allowed herself one last moment of anticipatory triumph.




She frowned down at her last bite before lifting her gaze to Riley. “What?”


His eyes narrowed and Buffy pulled the bowl closer to her chest, protecting the Jell-O from Riley should he decide to do something crazy—like try and separate a Slayer from food. A moment passed before Riley shook his head. “You’re haven’t listened to a word, have you?”


Her nose wrinkled and Buffy shifted under the three pairs of blue eyes suddenly studying her with far too much intensity. “So?”


Riley frowned—again, not that big a surprise.



Title :: The Badder, The Bouncier

Word Count :: 100


“Ball?” Graham’s mouth quirked as he watched Buffy glance back and forth between Riley and Dr. Jackson, her brows rising as she reiterated, slowly, “The big bad’s name is Ball?” She made a vague up and down gesture with a flattened palm before adding, “As in bouncy?”


Dr. Jackson snorted, shoulders shaking as Graham caught the pointed look Riley was giving him and stepped in, “He really is devious, Buffy.”


She sighed, shoulders dropping as she shook her head. “Our first mission is to check out someone named Ball,” her eyes narrowed, “this had better not be some hazing ritual.”



The end.

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That was just the chuckle i needed with my morning coffee. I've always liked some Buffy/Daniel, so Buffy/Cam was a good chuckle too ;D