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Big Bang

The newest chapter of Oleander Wine is up. Sorry, I’m late on my SPN Twisted update and my LJ, but real life is currently taking it’s toll on me. Hopefully I get good news this evening. *crosses fingers*

Hope your good news came through! :: hugs ::

Also: It's killing me, but I'm waiting until all of your BB fic is posted before reading it. Must not click fic link. Must not click fic link. /chant
Nope, no good news yet. *sigh*

You're waiting for all of it? Eep! I think it'll be done posting around early Sept. *ducks*
September? :: eyes calendar :: Well, we'll see how long I can hold out - I've learned a lot about patience this year, if nothing else. :)

Hope you finally got that good news you were waiting on!