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Fic: Three Man Show

Title :: Three Man Show

Rating :: FR21

Pairing :: Oliver/Buffy/Clark

Warning :: Slash and sexual content

Disclaimer :: Smallville and all related characters are copyright Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, DC & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.


Note :: Sequel to Tighten and blame Pol for this one.


Three Man Show


The hard ridge of skin covering the tips of his fingers grazed her neck as Oliver pushed a strand of hair behind Buffy’s shoulder and slipped his hand around the back of her neck. Fingers cupping the corded muscles as he leaned over, captured her mouth with his own and swallowed her startled cry as Clark’s mouth found its way between her spread thighs. His mouth pressed against hers, pushing downward and forcing her to open wider as his tongue slipped in, skimmed around with a practiced ease and finesse that mimicked Clark’s actions and had her hands fisting in the blanket laid out under them.


The straw crackled beneath her shuddering form and a hand rose from the blanket to cup the back of Oliver’s head. Her mouth narrowing around his tongue and she pulled it further inside with a light suction as Clark’s talented mouth tightened the muscles in her stomach, started a slight quiver in her thighs and suddenly a wind lifted her hair, cooled the sticky sweat covering her body and Clark was inside of her. Stretching, filling and her back arched, mouth breaking free of Oliver’s as she gasped for breath and the orgasm rocked her body, tightening it around Clark’s cock as his hands gripped her hips, held them immobile and himself inside of her.


She came back to them with the feel of Clark rocking between her thighs, shallow thrusts that had her shifting against the wool blanket and she blinked up at the sight of Oliver’s mouth pushing against Clark’s. Teeth nipping and dragging his bottom lip downward before easing back in and she watched their jaws work, lips spreading and her inner walls tightened and she dipped her chin, watched their effect send ripples up Clark’s stomach and into his chest as the muscles flexed.


He broke the kiss and turned his darkening gaze downward and Buffy smiled, mouth still swollen from Oliver’s attention, and shifted her gaze to her other lover. Her hand stroked his thigh, fingers slipping through the coarse hair as she inched higher until her hand found its way around the base of his cock and twisted. His head fell back and her smile stretched as Clark lowered himself down, arms caging her shoulders as his hips thrust forward. She kept her hand in time with Clark’s easy momentum, ensured they all felt the same steady movement and that this, these moments, never became a two man show. 


The end.

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*wipes drool off of chin*

Damn, that was hot!

And I'm perfectly innocent. *bats eyelashes*

btw, something's funky with your background. All I'm seeing is a series of "bandwidth exceeded" from photobucket.
Damn bandwidth. I changed my background and the title line of my journal. *giggles*

Glad you liked this sweaty. There might be more starring these three.
I can't believe I somehow missed the first installment of this... What a pretty picture those three make.
Don't they? While I'm not a huge fan of the Clark Kent character he is a pretty, pretty boy. ;)
*thud* You write this threesome pairing so freaking well. Damn that's hot. *fans self* I may need a moment or two alone.

Thank you, sweetie! These three do seem to have minds of their own when I get them together. ;)