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Big Bang

The sixth chapter for Oleander Wine is up and it’s a Cordelia’centric chapter, because I just don’t write enough Cordy. I’m a wee bit nervous about my characterization, but all and all I think it came out okay. It can be found at both TtH and SPN Twisted.


I also lost another person to ‘hiding’ on TtH, but I’ve hit over** three hundred and seventy tracking so yayness! Now if only I could get more of those three hundred and seventy people to review. LOL

**I spoke too soon and lost a tracker. Darn.

At the top of the story there are five tabs: Story, Reviews, Statistics, Related Stories and Tracking. If you click on Statistics there's a 'Story Details' section and it shows how many people are 'tracking' and how many people are 'hiding' your story.

You can hide any story you want on TtH, but you can't hide all of one particular author's work. It makes it so that their updates don't show up on the updates page... it might do more, but I don't hide anything so I'm not sure.
I find it highly amusing that people would go out of their way to hide my work. It means I'm doing something right! ;)