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Fic: Mad World

Title :: Mad World

Fandom :: Terminator

Rating :: FR18

Summary :: So this is how the world ends.

Disclaimer :: The Terminator franchise and all related characters are copyright James Cameron, William Wisher Jr., Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures. No infringement intended.

Mad World


So this is how the world ends.


With a crack.


A spark of powder and a bit of metal.


There are no tears left for those known and those forgotten in a world of ash and fire, heat and death. He’d always known it would end this way. With him trying, and failing, to save humanity, to destroy the things that had ruled his future and fucked his past beyond recognition. He knew so much and so damn little.


The bullet entered Kyle Reese, and his head snapped back with a crack.


And the world that knew John Connor ended.  

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