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A little real life and a little fic'age update.

I took my first internet course for work and passed it! Woot! I might have cheated a little, but my boss gave me her notes to use during the exam so I’m not too worried about it. Though I can now say that I know what kind of suspicious activity to look for when checking for money laundering. *glances from side to side*


On a fic’age note: I’m over half way done with the sequel to Here Be Dragons and I’m pretty certain I only have three more scenes to write. So I should have something to post, hopefully, by the end of this month. If anything I’ll offer up a sneak peek for the F-List.


I also made icons to go along with this series. *points at icon* I have a Buffy centered one also, but the newest story has mostly been Faith focused so I thought I’d share that one with you all.  I need to work on a banner for it as well. *nods* Yay for my photoshop and writing muses for coming out of hibernation!