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I need help from those on my f-list that are religious, preferably Catholic or Christian. I have some questions in regards to Lucifer and other such things. I’d reread my bible, but I currently only have the King James version and for those of you that don’t know it’s harder to read then a Jane Austin novel.


First question: Lucifer was referred to as the Morning Star and not the Star of the Morning, right?


My second question: I know SPN introduced a sword that could kill angels and it was referred to as Lucifer’s Sword in promo synopsizes, but did Lucifer actually use a sword? I found no reference to it on my usual religious sites other then a few discussions that offered up no concrete proof on either side. I also attempted to reread the section of the bible dedicated to Lucifer’s fall and found nada.


Third and last: I found two references that inferred that humans were made from clay and angels were made from light or fire? Or was it just Lucifer?


That is all… for now.

I think it depends on the translation of the Bible you're reading whether Lucifer is referred to as Morning Star or Day Star.

I've never found much about Lucifer's fall from heaven either. I haven't read anything about him having a sword. You might have more luck digging through biblical apocrypha like The Book of Enoch in search of that information.

In the Bible, I don't recall reading anything about angels being made from fire. In Islamic theology, Jinn were made from fire and folks sometimes relate them to fallen angels.

Not sure if that helped. Can't wait to see what you're writing!
No, you were helpful.

I'll have to look into The Book of Enoch for more references to whether or not Lucifer had a sword. I do recall the angel being sent to guard the Garden of Eden after Eve and Adam got booted had a sword so I know it's not unheard of for angels to use mankind's weapons... still not sure why they would need to though unless it was just the symbolism of it.