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Poll Results

Wow, so the poll results are pretty evenly split; two votes for Life’s Hard, two votes for A Lie Told by Man and three votes for Between the Devil and Metal. I’m going to leave the poll open until Sunday and post the sneak peak for the winner on Monday. Two story posts for the f-list on Monday. ;)


I will mention, however, that the Burn Notice story will be a smutlet. *whistles*

See, now you're trying to skew the results. Hinting at the sweaty. And I know for a fact... well, it was a fact several days ago, that you haven't written the sweaty part of the Burn notice fic. :D


But either way - two sets of ficcage from you on Monday? *bounces*
*quirks a brow* It's a sneak peak. I'm not gonna share the good stuff durning a sneak peak.

Yep, two sets and it looks like the Terminator fic won anyways. LOL