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Title :: Collateral Damage

Title :: Collateral Damage
Progress :: 45/100
Fandom :: Resident Evil/BtVS
Word Count :: 440
Prompt :: #99 Torture
Written For :: tth100, twistedshorts
Disclaimer: Resident Evil and all related characters are copyright Shinji Mikami, Sony Pictures Entertainment & Capcom. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

“This is a biohazard quarantine area. Please return to your homes.”


The bland delivery of one of the most chilling statements Rabbit had heard that day swiveled her head and she ignored the bangs that slipped forward to crowd her vision as she stared at the Cain’s profile as he ordered, dispassionately, his men to shut in the people of Raccoon City. She moved closer to the railing of the wall she currently found herself atop of and turned from Cain to look down at the mass of people.


Her hands flexed, the skin along the back of her neck cooling as she felt the same wave of familiarity she shared with Angela and the Doberman. Her gaze swept over the crowd and the police officers and Umbrella’s soldiers attempting to keep them under control. Eyes narrowing as she watched another person near the wall collapse and more of the crowd scatter.


She shook her head, turned back to Cain and stated, “You can’t do this. Leaving them in there is torture.”


“Is it?”


The calm question tightened Rabbit’s hands into fists as Cain lowered the megaphone and turned to her, his face set in neutral lines as he inclined his head in question and she snapped, “You know it is.”


A slow, sure smile spread his mouth and he nodded, more to himself then Rabbit and motioned one of his soldiers forward, relieved him of his MP5K and hoisted the automatic weapon into the air. Pointing the muzzle skyward he fired several rounds into the air and Rabbit flinched, drawing back and straighter as her eyes widened in disbelief. The crowd below fell into silence as Cain raised the megaphone once more and addressed them, “You have fifteen seconds to turn around and return to the city.”


“You can’t do this.”


Cain ignored Rabbit and turned to the man he’d taken the weapon from and told him, “The use of live ammunition has been authorized,” before handing him the megaphone. The solider, the lemming repeated Cain’s order to the crowd and Rabbit winced as the rest raised their MP5Ks and pointed them into the crowd that was slowly coming to realize that Cain was serious.


The solider holding the megaphone began to count down from fifteen and Rabbit moved forward, only to find Cain’s automatic shifted to point in her direction. “You can’t do this. Those are innocent people.”  


His brow arched and the soldier reached eight seconds. “Collateral damage.”


“Collateral…” she trailed off and stared at him horrified as the soldier reached five. “You’re insane.”


“I am practical.”




”Stop this.”




“I can not.”







Hooray! You're writing this again!! *bounces*

And ooohhhh, getting closer and closer to some action. And she really just needs to beat Cain senseless. Seriously.