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Big Bang

The twelfth chapter of Oleander Wine is up and ready for public consumption and there’s only three more chapters to go. Dun, dun, dun. Yes, there are more stories in the process of being outlined and I think I’m ready to start on the shorter second story that will act as a bridge between Oleander Wine and Morning Glory it’s, hopefully, bigger sister story.


I shall use the November NanoWrimo as my inspiration to write Morning Glory, but I plan on having it entirely outlined before that month begins and possibly partially written. I’ll still attempt to write 50k words of fic that month though so here’s to hoping. *crosses fingers*


I’m not yet ready to share the second stories title because it’s subject to change and because I really need to finish my Here be Dragons sequel before I focus on that one. *wonders off to ponder Terminator scenes*

*sniff* it's almost over. :( Time goes WAY too fast!

I love OW and the entire idea that you've used in it and I can't wait to read both the bridge and (*squee*) Morning Glory. Just the title has me going *hmm* and thinking maybe things will be better for Buffy when this series reaches its the end :)

Since there's now only three chapters left and there's going to be a continuation, I'm wondering if this fic will end with Buffy finally meeting the Winchesters. *ponders*

You've had me hooked on this entire idea since the beginning and I keep getting sucked farther and farther into your web of nummy treats created with amazing writing! :)
*squishes* It is.

I'm glad you're enjoying it and be careful with the Morning Glory concept. It has a meaning similar to the oleander symbolism.

There are only three chapters left, but even I'm not mean enough to end a story on that big of a cliffhanger. Though now that you mention it, that would be tempting. *ponders with you*

Hee and yay! Hopefully I can keep your focus through to the end of the series... but then, of course, I'll have to do a second series that coincides with season five of SPN. ;)