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Big Bang

Chapter fourteen of Oleander Wine is up which means we’ve only got one more chapter to go until it’s complete and most of my f-list can read it and hopefully review. ;) Though I’m all excited that I only need one more tracker to break 400! *bounces and throws confetti* That’s huge! Yayness! I know some of my Stargate stories have more trackers then that, but none of my Supernatural stories have ever even come close to that many. *bounces some more*


I’ve written the first scene of the bridge story and I’m currently doing research on Supernatural’s main weapons so that I can incorporate some of them. Ruby’s knife is a simple enough to research, but I did come to the very frustrating and confusing conclusion that Kripke and Co. did not do *any* research on Samuel Colt and his gun-making before creating the Colt since it’s suppose to be a variant of the Colt Paterson and that particular gun never shot bullets, only balls.


Funny enough the Colt was to have been designed for a hunter on horseback back in 1835 when the bullets the gun uses weren’t invented until 1883. *headdesk* And now I must figure out how to incorporate this screwup or just ignore it and the historian in me screams, ‘No! No ignoring it! Fix it!’ Crap.

Random question: Do you guys want weekly updates on the bridge story since I'm writing that for a big bang as well? I know the cheerleading helped my muse, but I don't want to annoy you either.
I'm not annonyed by it at all, and it's your journal, really people should know how to use the scroll button!

And now I am realizing I should do MORE research into fics I write, because I do little if at all.
You would think they'd know how to scroll past it, but some aren't always so inclined. It's the main reason I no loner instantly friend people back once they've friended me unless I know them.

Nah, I do too much research. I'm aware of this and I still can't seem to stop. I know it's bad when I research different articles of clothing before I have my characters wearing them so I know how they'll sound when they're worn.
You do realize I'm going to trick you into beta'ing this new story for me too, right? So you'll get all the updates, more then likely, when they happen. ;)
I vote for updates. I'll be reading once it's all posted and like knowing what's going on with a fic.
Hee! Most seem to want the updates. It will be all posted next week and we get the first new episode of the season for SPN next week. *bounces*
Either you post every week or I loose my mind. Do you want me to loose my mind? Didn't think so ;) *grin*

You do know that the post every week will just be a word count and possibly a list of characters used, right? *ducks*

I say updates so I know when to start harassing you to write. ;)
Start harrassing me now. I've only got 1400 words written. ;)

Edit: So apparently my internal editor briefly thought 'know' was interchangable with 'now' ;)

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So, I'm seriously late to the party but I just finished reading Oleander Wine and I'm already craving the sequel! I thought you did a great job with the characterizations (also with the OCs you added in help flesh out B's back story), paced everything very well and did a terrific job of blending the two shows' lore. I adored seeing Doyle and watching Buffy and Castiel interact. Hearing his little barb about his other charges got a giggle and a "Poor Cas" out of me.

I can't wait to read the next story (maybe since I'm so late to this party, it'll seem like a shorter wait for me? I'm going with that as my silver lining.) in this series. And, honestly, I'm baffled about people hiding this (it was this one, right?) on TTH. People are crazy, clearly.