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Deep Thoughts by Ava

I liked the Nick storyline. I liked that they gave the reason behind why someone would agree to be Lucifer’s vessel and dammit I admit that I completely understood why Nick did it. Do I still believe Lucifer a supreme manipulator? Of course. Do I also believe that Kripke’s version won’t tell a lie? Kinda.


In most books on faery and the fay you’re usually told that a fay can not tell a lie. They will cut and dice the truth until it’s thin as sunlight and nearly as transparent, but it’s still the truth as they see it. I’m thinking that’s Kripke’s version of Lucifer. Now I was a smidgen confused on if Lucifer was causing the destruction around the world on purpose or if it was just a side effect of his rising. I’m leaning toward side effect, but my real question is why is Lucifer so much more powerful then say Zachariah?


Lucifer wasn’t an archangel. Michael was and that’s why, I’m assuming, he was able to banish Lucifer to hell and in Kripke’s verse Lucifer has been locked down tight in hell. If he’s been in cold storage for so long where’s he getting his mojo from? The faith his followers have in him?


Is it that all the demons in hell and on earth are backing Lucifer so that gives him that scary edge? I can buy that. I can see the power in prayer and I do believe that faith, in anything, does help, but it’s a little scary that Lucifer is suddenly such a badass. If he was this awesome when he first started the uprising would he have still lost? Was it that there were less then thirty angels backing him then? And where are the angels that backed him?


They committed the unforgivable sin. Where they locked away in hell also? Will we get to see them? I’ve always wondered if Azazel was supposed to be one of those fallen. He did call Lucifer father, but that’s for another post and another time.


I think I’m going to end this ramble with the thought that I think we’ll be seeing Kripke’s version of God at some point this season and I admit to being conflicted on that concept. Though I do realize that means I need to get off my lazy ass and write the ficlet where Dean talks to God and no, it’s not a crossover with Bruce Almighty… though that has potential too.

I really enjoyed the Nick storyline too. I think it was done nicely.

And I'm thinking the crap going on was side effects.

And Bruce Almighty... Do it!!
I was thinking a lot of the same things, but it did have me wondering, and I need to do the research on it...Hell didn't really exist until Lucifer was banished from Heaven, right?

I had a conversation with Aimee a few years ago, about this same thing. She pointed out that so many religions operate on the belief that Hell is a terrible place because it's not Heaven. But God threw Lucifer out, so why should Hell be what followers of God dictate?

I hope this isn't coming across as 'yay, Satan,' because that's not what I'm trying to say.
My theory is that God didn't just send Lucifer out of Heaven, but that he was the first angel to be banished, so Hell is considered his "house." The other demons being there, then, are more like unwelcome houseguests. It seems that it's more like an 'inmates running the asylum' situation.

Kripke has me questioning a lot of things about myself right now, that I'm finding the devil to actually be a little more understandable. I do know this is just his mythology. I'm not signing up for any religion anytime soon. :)
In most text Hell was created to contain Lucifer. Some have him ruling it and others have him the as the largest prisoner. With Kripke's version most demons didn't even know if Lucifer was real or not, but some believed in him anyway IE Casey and Lucifer was trapped, locked down tight. So he wasn't ruling anything.

Though the Bible does conflict itself stating that Lucifer was banished to hell, but he still manages to seduce Eve into eating the apple. (Though in some religions the person doing the tempting is Lilith.)

I just finished rereading a book title, "The truth behind Lucifer," and while I didn't agree with everything in that book it did lay out the facts to make Lucifer a more sympathetic being then Christianity paints him to be.
And that's my big problem with organized religion. There's no gray to their dictated morality, and they're relying on things written so long ago. I've found that a lot of people don't seem to realize that the Bible is as much political as it is religious.
Would you mind telling me the author of the book you read? It sounds like something that would interest me, I'm into reading about different religions =)
I think that goes to show the skill of Kripke and his team of writer's. That you can go... huh... Lucifer twisted that really well. Made you doubt and then slipped in and now your his vessel. Nick needed that storyline otherwise I don't think it would've worked. I mean, I guess they could've used a Satanist but I think that'd just be cliche. This is much more OH GODS then someone who would be having a party about being the DARK LORDS vessel.

I wish we'd get the original YED vessel. I loved him and his portrayal. Meg's storyline is done and I hope they don't keep bringing her back. Some people/demons don't need to be brought back over and over and over and over again. IMO, she's one of 'em.

I think all the destruction is a side affect. The scales tipping. Cause and effect.
See, I'm completely okay with them using Meg. I'm actually very tired of the nameless, no real threat demons Sam and Dean have been facing the last two seasons. Aside from Alistair and Lilith none of them stuck around and I'm sorry to say but Kripke has stated in more then one interview that he asked the writer's each season where Meg was until eventually he decided to write her into the season himself. So expect to see more of her.
Then I want original Meg. This Meg just didn't do it for me. Nikki Cox was brilliant. She was horrible and mean and creepy and wonderful. But random girl being Meg is boring for me and doesn't ever feel 'right'. Is that just me??
I wouldn't want the original Meg because that would screw with continuity. She died in the fist season finale and to bring her back, other then in the Witness episode, would cheapen the universe Kripke has established.

Knowing this makes me more accepting of other actors playing the same character. The second Ruby couldn't act her way out of a paper bag which is why I didn't like her, but I'm willing to give this new Meg a chance.
ZOMBIE DEMON POSSESSED MEG! Now there is an angle.

Her body may be dead but I'm liking this whole zombie angle. Of course now Cox is in Dark Blue on TNT so that sorta ruins that angle. *grins*

Couldn't stand Ruby 2.0. *shudders* New Meg needs to prove herself to me of course demon Meg skipped that body when Dean flashed his knife. *inappropriate giggle*
ZOMBIE DEMON POSSESSED MEG! Now there is an angle.

Her body may be dead but I'm liking this whole zombie angle. Of course now Cox is in Dark Blue on TNT so that sorta ruins that angle. *grins*

Couldn't stand Ruby 2.0. *shudders* New Meg needs to prove herself to me of course demon Meg skipped that body when Dean flashed his knife. *inappropriate giggle*
***Edit: It's spelled Alastair and not Alistair. For some reason i can't edit my own response at the moment.
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